V-Bands Take Basketball Shooting and Ball-Handling to the Limit

    Global Sports Innovation (GSI) V-Bands are quickly becoming the choice in weighted training aids among high school, college, and professional-level players across the country and around the world. Backed by endorsements from pro players, and coaches from both the NCAA and NBA, V-Bands can radically up your game in as little as three weeks!

    Even better, V-Bands aren’t only for basketball. While V-Bands were initially developed to increase basketball shooting, ball-handling, and footwork, tests have found that they’re effective for building strength and coordination in every major athletic sport, from volleyball to MMA.

    V-Bands are an invaluable part of the GSI line of sports training products, with more teams and players discovering their benefits every day.

    What Makes GSI V-Bands Different?
    There are plenty of weighted wrist\ankle bands on the market. What makes GSI V-Bands special?

    Weighted gel
    Most weighted bands on the market utilize sand or similar silica materials, which have a tendency to shift around during play. V-Bands utilize a patented gel, weighted with iron chips, which stays firmly in place no matter how strenuously they’re used.

    Ergonomic design
    Being designed by an experienced and highly-recommended basketball trainer, V-Bands are curved to allow full wrist and ankle movement, while still bringing all the benefits of enhanced weight training. This is also what allows them to be useful for a number of different sports – no matter how you need to move, V-Bands don’t get in the way.

    Non-slip materials
    Another common problem with other weighted wrist and ankle bands is the material used is often loose-fitting. This causes the entire band to move around, disrupting practice and risking chafing or blisters. V-Bands fit snugly, with Velcro straps, and are made from a non-slip material designed to stay firmly in place when in use.

    Three sizes\weights available
    V-Bands aren’t a one-size-fits-all product! Three sizes are available:

    1-pound, for pre-teen children.

    2-pound, for a range of athletes from high school to pro.

    3-pound, for those who’ve mastered the 2-pound weights.

    We do not recommend those new to V-Bands start with 3-pound weights. Start with the 2-pound version, then work your way up. You’d be surprised just how much resistance 3-pound weights add, and they can cause strains for people not used to working with weight straps.

    All you have to do is take a look at our list of testimonials, from a range of major coaches and players, to see how much improvement V-Bands can bring to your basketball shooting, dribbling, handling, and footwork. V-Bands are available to purchase online from our web store, or contact us directly to ask about bulk\team purchases.