The One-Two Punch of J-Glove and J-Strap Take Your Basketball Shooting to the Limit

    Global Sports Innovation (GSI) is focused on one goal: Creating the best and most innovative sports training products on the market. Our rapid rise to the top of the industry in just a few years, backed dozens of college- and pro-level testimonials, shows just how effectively we’ve realized this dream.

    However, perhaps the best demonstration of our ability to improve your basketball shooting skills comes through the combination of the J-Glove and J-Strap, two easy-to-use products designed to correct most of the major errors players make when shooting. In our own tests, and use of them in our training school, we’ve seen players put on a J-Strap and J-Glove, then immediately hit more baskets than they ever had before.

    It’s all because of the long experience our founder, Jeremy Russotti, has in personal basketball training, and his expertise in diagnosing problems with basketball shooting.

    Let’s take a look at how they work together…

    The J-Glove: Locking in the Perfect Shot
    The J-Glove was one of Jeremy Russotti’s first inventions, and one of the most popular. The J-Glove is a rigid glove which locks a player’s dominant hand into a position which is optimal for perfect basketball shooting. The fingers remain spread, and they’re pulled back slightly to force players to always keep the ball resting on their fingers, rather than their palm.

    While wearing the J-Glove, it is simply impossible to take a shot with poor dominant-hand form. The index and ring fingers are locked off to prevent premature flexing, which means every shot has a perfect square-wrist follow-through with no side-to-side motion.

    The J-Strap: Forcing One-Hand Shots
    One of the most common basketball shooting errors Jeremy Russotti sees is over-reliance on the off hand to assist in shooting. This bad habit usually begins in childhood, making two-handed shots due to a lack of arm strength, and is sometimes never corrected into adulthood.

    The J-Strap stops this bad habit in its tracks. It begins at the off-hand thumb, wraps around the wrist, and terminates at the bicep. The strap minimizes the amount of extension possible in the off-hand, preventing it from being used to assist in shooting.
    The Millennium Series
    This instructional DVD series is one of the premiere offensive instructional series available today. The series incorporates Jeremy Russotti’s vast knowledge and research of basketball development skills. Follow NBA star Josh Akognon from high school all the way to the NBA, as he uses Jeremy’s series to improve his game.

    And Taken Together…
    When used in conjunction, the J-Glove and J-Strap force players to use perfect form when shooting, every time. With sufficient daily training using the J-Glove and J-Strap pair, players can quickly build enough muscle memory to overcome poor habits learned in the past. Add in the Millennium Series as the final weapon to sharpen your offensive skills.

    From childhood to the professional level, players training with the J-Glove and J-Strap combination will quickly start hitting more shots than ever before, taking their game far beyond their previous best. For more information on training packages, or for bulk discounts, contact us today.