The J-Glove: The Best Basketball Shooting Glove on the Market

    There are plenty of basketball shooting gloves on the market.  How do you choose the best ones for your training program?

    When it comes to making a perfect basketball shot, it’s all in the wrist – literally.  There can’t be any side-to-side motion, and the palm must end up pointed precisely at the target for the basketball to go straight to that target.  Even improper flexing of the index or ring fingers can cause the wrist to rotate, resulting in highly inconsistent shots.

    And it’s all too common for basketball players, even those who’ve been playing for years, to have difficulty with this.  The basketball shooting pose must be truly locked in to make precise shots, time after time.  Otherwise, missed baskets… and missed opportunities.

    These were all factors that Jeremy Russotti considered when designing the J-Glove shooting glove from Global Sports Innovation (GSI).  As a top basketball trainer, backed by dozens of recommendations from players and coaches in both the NCAA and NBA, he knew there had to be a better way.

    And he found it.

    The J-Glove Shooting Glove: The All-In-One Basketball Shot Training Tool

    So what makes the J-Glove different?  It’s a rigid glove specifically designed to lock the player’s dominant shooting hand into a perfect position, every time.  Its simple design makes it impossible to shoot with incorrect form, leading to rapid buildup of muscle memory which allows for precise shots on-court.

    The design of the glove keeps the player’s fingers spread out, and deliberately prevents improper flexing of the fore- and index fingers.  Likewise, it requires the wrist remain locked on target.  

    In fact, even holding the ball improperly becomes impossible since it keeps the fingers pulled back slightly, the ball cannot rest in the palm of a player’s hand without being immediately dropped.  To shoot, the player is forced to roll the ball backwards, onto their fingertips, where they have the most control and the most precise aim.

    The J-Glove becomes even more effective when paired with the Millennium-Series Shooting DVD, full of training exercises which have been embraced by players and coaches around the country.  And unlike most training videos, the proof of its effectiveness is right in the video for all to see:  The series focuses on Josh Akognon, as Russotti takes him from high school play all the way to the NBA.

    Jeremy Russotti was so certain his techniques and tools worked that he began filming the series with a high-schooler to truly demonstrate their effectiveness.

    Likewise, the J-Glove can improve your game too, and it’s available now from the GSI online store. Contact GSI for more information or questions.