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Welcome to Jeremy Russotti’s Skill Training U Certification Program – bringing the foundation of individual and team successes to the forefront of online professional development. In 2012, Jeremy founded Skill Training U, in order to provide an angle to build on what “in-person” coaching clinics rarely address – Skill Development.

Skill Training U consists of 16 hours of on court instruction (6 modules), coinciding with a 34+-page syllabus, geared towards developing all facets of basketball teams and individual players. The best part is the program can be watched from the convenience of your own home via Video Stream (On Demand). The costs for the Skill Training U Online program is only $399. This price also includes the 6 modules (16 hours), 34+ page syllabus, and Jeremy Russotti’s 4 Millennium Instructional DVD Series ($120 value by itself alone). All of this for only $399. Please click the link to visit the Skill Training U website.