O-Bands: Resistance Basketball Training Aids that Take Your Game to the Next Level

    There are plenty of resistance trainers on the market, but none which are as multipurpose and flexible as O-Bands from Global Sports Innovation (GSI) and inventor Jeremy Russotti. The O-Bands simplicity and functionality is what makes them so flexible and effective for all athletes!

    O-Bands were originally designed as basketball training aids, but in practice, Jeremy Russotti discovered they could be used in virtually any sport to great results. Even better, they can be used solo, or with a partner to help! Most training drills and practice can be enhanced with O-Bands, creating greater resistance on either the body or specific limbs, strengthening muscles and creating superior performance on-field or on-court.

    The Many Uses for O-Bands in Training

    When using O-Bands as basketball training aids, or for most other sports which involve running and jumping, the best use for O-Bands is with a partner. By looping the O-Band around the player’s waist, they immediately get resistance on their movement, greatly increasing the strength needed to move around.

    With sufficient training, this translates to greatly improved speeds once the O-Band is removed.

    O-Bands can also be used to improve specific movements. A quarterback looking to improve his throw performance can have an O-Band wrapped around his dominant arm, to increase throwing resistance. The same could be true for a soccer player or MMA fighter using an O-Band on their legs to rapidly improve their strength.

    For greater mobility -or to keep a partner out of the way of swinging limbs- two O-Bands can easily be tied together in an eye loop for double the length.

    Going Solo with the O-Band

    The O-Band doesn’t require a partner, either. For many exercises, the O-Band can be anchored to a (well planted) stationary object, to achieve the same effect as having a partner.  

    They can also be used entirely on one person’s body, such as in basic exercises. Wrapping the band around one’s lower legs and shoulders, for example, can greatly increase resistance when doing squats and similar exercises. The O-Band can even be added to weightlifting equipment to require more power with every lift.

    The O-Band can be used in a wide variety of sports including:

    •  Basketball training aids
    •  Baseball throwing aids
    •  MMA\Wrestling resistance training
    •  Volleyball jump training
    •  Soccer kicking training
    •  Tennis swing resistance
    •  And more!

    In short, there’s no simpler, easier, or more affordable option on the market for resistance training that can be deployed in any sport and any environment.  To get a better idea of the O-Band in use, check out our video showcasing it.

    For more information about the O-Band or other products, please contact GSI today!