Napa / Prolific Prep Training

“Coach Russotti hears this question all of the time. “I would really like my son/daughter to train with Jeremy. How can we make that happen?”The answer to that question is two-fold.

(1) Attend the Green Room Training Workouts during the summer months (June to August).
(2) Attend group-training workouts on weekends in Napa or Sonoma areas (for all age players).

Russotti now has group training sessions in the Napa Valley area, as well as Holiday Basketball Camps for players of all ages and abilities. Being the founder of Prolific Prep (, Jeremy opens up his training sessions with the Prolific Prep team in the off-season to local players. Therefore, during the fall/winter/spring, Jeremy has weekend training workouts for those that are interested. For all of the sessions, groups are broken down by age and ability level. Furthermore, Prolific Prep will run holiday camps throughout the calendar year for players of all ages. To take advantage of these opportunities, you must get on Jeremy’s email list by sending your contact and players background infovia email to