Knee PRE-HAB and Hip Strengthening Exercises

    I have been wanting to make this video for a while now to give to each of our clients to start working on. Your knee joint is the weakest point of everyone’s skeleton. For basketball players, it is your lifeline and has to be taken care of. High level players tend to travel a lot and play a lot of games. That is great, but only if you pre-hab your knee joint (and others) constantly to prepare for the grind what basketball brings. Think of your knee joint as a piece of machinery with bolts. With usage and over time, the bolts tend to loosen or come undone when their is lots of impact and vibration. You have to tighten those bolts up every so often so it doesn’t come apart. The same is with your knee. If you constantly jar it (play lots of games) without strengthening it (tightening the bolts) then it will eventually give out.

    It just happened this past week with a top 25 player that I work with in high school. I decided I needed to make it a video and help others immediately. The exercises do not need equipment and can be done in a hotel room. There is no excuse to not prepare for the major grind their bodies will be going through this summer, but also when we start in the fall. This is high importance.

    I gave you a ton of exercises. Start with just a few and work yourself up. Obviously we do not expect you to do them all in one day, but pick a few of them and perform a few sets of them to start. Good luck!