Introducing Three of the Finest Basketball Training Aids Offered by Global Sports Innovation

    Through careful selection of basketball training aids, players can gain a greater understanding of the required level of performance needed to excel on the court. They can harness the training aids to achieve their playing goals and enhance on areas critical to ensuring team success. The team at Global Sports Innovation are trusted basketball training leaders, and within this article, their expert team introduces three of the products now available through their range of basketball training aids.


    The most important aspect of achieving a consistent shot in basketball is retaining an open hand with a square wrist follow-through. This also happens to be one of the most challenging techniques for beginner players to master. The J-Glove is designed to help players overcome this common technical issue. It works by shaping the player’s biomechanics during the shot, preventing finger flexion at the base of the hand and at the middle finger joints. The splint design of the product allows complete freedom at the top digit, allowing the player to naturally grip and feel the ball during play. It’s a leading-class tool that helps hone forward hinging motion as the shot is being taken.


    V-Bands, or Velocity Bands are changing how athletes in a range of sports approach their games. The product has become one of the leading basketball and football training aids by helping athletes improve their hand and foot speeds during gameplay. The Band works by restraining the wearer during use, giving them additional pullback during their training regimens. V-Bands help athletes build their core muscles and ensure they learn how to build strength ready for challenging football and basketball plays. By restraining the wearer during training, the V-Bands help athletes feel a new burst of energy, ensuring they can quickly accelerate and drive their team forward whether on the field or the court.  

    Millennium DVDs

    Beyond the court, players must also pay close attention to the techniques taught from the leaders in the game. Only by combining training with home study players canachieve their training objectives, and it’s for this reason many are now purchasing the Millennium training DVDs from Global Sports Innovation. This DVD collection combines training on offensive play, in-game ball handling and direct shooting to give players the advantage on the court.

    It’s the complete selection of basketball training aids for the proactive athlete. To learn more, call the training experts at Global Sports Innovation now at (707) 849-1212 or visit their business website at www.gsinnovation.