Introducing T2G: Improving Your Swing from Tee to Green

    The revolutionary new T2G golf swing trainer is the latest product from Global Sports Innovation, LLC (GSI) and inventor Jeremy Russotti, designed to give feedback on every swing to ensure you maintain a perfect stance, from takeaway to follow-through. T2G even works on the green!

    Joining other breakthrough products such as the J-Strap basketball shooting aid, the T2G is a simple, inexpensive, one-size-fits-all solution for better golf swings.

    The Challenges of Good Golf Swings

    As every golfer knows, form is absolutely critical when swinging precisely and dropping the ball where you want it.  It’s all too easy for golfers to end up with “flying elbows,” causing their shots to go awry.  Pulling back too far on the takeaway results in overpowered, uncontrollable shots.  Likewise, improper form on the follow-through -again caused by flying elbows – results in hooks and slices.

    The solution to these problems is easy to say, but hard to learn:  The Perfect V stance, keeping the elbows locked a few inches apart, without ever letting them go too far beyond the plane of your body. Most golfers spend many years merely attempting to perfect this stance.

    The T2G can drastically reduce the time it takes to create the muscle memory necessary for a perfect stance -and perfect swing- every time.

    The Construction of the T2G

    The T2G is simple and inexpensive. Two neoprene straps are snugly secured to the biceps, with flexible PVC connectors coming out of each. At the end of these connectors are strong magnets, which link the straps and force your arms into that perfect V configuration.

    Now, there are other similar products on the market that accomplish this, but there is one major difference. Their products use a single unbreakable strap, and usually one that’s elastic like a large rubber band. While these can help with the stance, nothing about their construction truly lets users know when their stance is proper. They just make flying elbows more difficult.

    Since T2G uses magnets to connect the two cuffs, it gives instant feedback on your swing. If your elbows ever come too far apart, the magnets are pulled apart with an audible pop. There’s never any question of whether your swing was proper, and if they pop apart during the takeaway, you can immediately reposition and try again.

    Plus, thanks to the construction, they snap back together immediately upon resuming a proper V stance. There’s no need to fiddle with them after every shot.

    The T2G from GSI is available now, and is a one-size-fits-all product recommended for aspiring golfers ages 14 and up.  Or for more information, contact GSI today!