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Green Room Training – Basketball Dribbling Drills

What separates Green Room Training (GRT) from other competitors? It is very simple. GRT is dedicated to bringing the most progressive, functional, yet intensive skill training court workouts to its professional/amateur clients. Jeremy is considered by many today, to be one of the brightest and innovative basketball minds in the game today. Through his “Hybrid Relevance” training techniques, Jeremy is magical in producing quick results in a short period of time. GRT dedicates heavy attention to on-court training, focusing heavily on Offensive Separation, and consistent shooting – skills that help his clients continue to keep jobs. Also, GRT believes in keeping its workouts short and intense, mimicking the intensity of game speed, while constantly protecting the client from overuse, overtraining, and injury.

GRT Program is for the serious athlete. The program runs from April to August (for professional athlete). GRT also has programs for high school age players that start in June and run till August (3 months). For more info on Green Room Training, visit, or for pricing info via email at