Global Sports Innovation Explain the Importance of Periodization in a Basketball Training Program

    Periodization is the process of structuring training into phases so that training teams can plan for player development in various areas. It’s a complex process that requires coaches to give carefully consideration to each player’s unique performance values. And so within this latest article, the team at Global Sports Innovation will explain periodization in full and provide examples of its core benefits within a basketball training program.

    Periodization Allows for Comprehensive Planning

    As part of the periodization process, a coach can build a comprehensive plan for approaching their team’s games and their training sessions. The three planning phases within a periodization program for basketball teams include pre-season, competition phase, and post-season. Each “period” within these training sessions will focus on different core elements to ensure the athlete’s body is in the optimal condition at that stage. The following must be considered at each stage:

    • Pre-Season

    During the pre-season stage, training is focused on psychological and physical training, and helping the team understand one another and the expectations of the coaches. At this stage, light physical work begins and the main focus is on helping the team understand game strategies and their individual role within the team unit.

    • Competition

    The competition training phase is one that builds slowly from the beginning of the season. It must be coordinated so that the team peaks at the optimal point within the year and when the amount of games to be played is at its highest. During the competition phase, drills will be focused on building muscle, maximizing weaknesses in opponents, and coaching for specific phases of game play.

    • Post-Season

    During the post-season phase, players are engaged in injury-recovery programs and in individualized training to address specific issues highlighted during the season. Coaches work directly with athletes during the post-season phase to slowly bring them down from their peak training programs to prevent muscle injuries going into the new year.

    Benefits of Periodization

    Rapid Increases in Strength

    One of the clear benefits of periodization within a basketball training program is that it leads to rapid increases in muscle strength. Because the periodization process is one that encourages constant improvements, the player doesn’t plateau within their training,

    Clear Communication

    Periodization allows for clear planning and direct communication between the coaches and players. It helps all team members understand the expectations at that time of the season.

    Limiting Injuries

    Because players are trained according to a strict schedule, periodization can help to limit injuries due to players becoming over-strained during workouts. It also allows for faster injury recovery due to having a clear plan in place for recovery phases.

    By understanding more on periodization and its benefits, basketball coaches can build a training program that gives their teams the optimal chances for the season. To discover more on this subject, speak with team at Global Sports Innovation directly at (707) 849-1212 or visit their business website at