Experts for Basketball Training Aids Global Sports Innovation Highlight Offhand Shooting Challenges

    In basketball, shooting the ball in the basket with precision is the best way to ensure success over many games. But most players still learning the game struggle to achieve the optimal shooting technique. And so it’s important to work with the latest basketball training aids to minimize shooting errors. In this latest article, the team behind the J-strap shooting product, Global Sports Innovation, take a look at offhand shooting challenges.

    The Beginner’s Two-Handed Shot

    For beginners, the two-handed shot is often used to achieve the proper direction when throwing the basketball toward the basket. However, most beginners find that, after they’ve perfected the two-handed throw, their non-dominant hand gets in the way when they want to further improve their shot. The two-handed throw is rarely an advantage during a game of basketball in which the quick release of the ball in the optimal direction is the ideal technique for putting points on the board. It’s why beginners should consider harnessing the latest basketball training aids to move away from the two-handed throw shot.

    Eliminating Force by Thumb

    Force by thumb occurs when an experienced basketball player puts the emphasis for their shooting technique on the thumb area of their hand. This approach might benefit the player in the short-term for balance but it will lead to inconsistent shooting results during a long-stretch of games and force the body to strain during the shot. It’s critical for proficient players to remove the thumb from their shooting technique to gain greater levels of consistency and accuracy.

    The Benefits of the J Strap

    The J Strap from the team at Global Sports Innovation is designed to help offensive players achieve their ideal shooting technique and to maintain this technique over the long-term. It’s a product that attaches to the non-dominant arm/thumb to prevent its involvement during a shot. The J Strap is made from a comfortable neoprene material that assures just enough resistance to keep the non-dominant arm in the optimal shooting position. It’s the market-leading product to prevent instances of two-handed throwing and force by thumb!

    The team at Global Sports Innovation are now available and ready to answer questions on their J Strap product. To discover more on the company and their full range of basketball training aids, contact their office team now at (707) 849-1212 or visit their business website at