Basketball Training Equipment Company Global Sports Innovation Highlights the Importance of Offensive Skills in Basketball

    Being able to put points on the board is the most important asset any player can bring to their teams. And so offensive skills are highly valued by basketball teams across the country. But there are many benefits to maximizing offensive play in basketball beyond simply bringing points to the team, and so within this latest article the team at the basketball training equipment experts Global Sports Innovation looks at the value offensive players can bring to their teams.

    Shooting, Passing and Dribbling: The Triple Threat Myth

    While shooting, passing, and dribbling excellence has long been the sought-after profile for a quality basketball player. Now strategists within the game are beginning to see the benefits of players that shoot more often than they pass or dribble. A player must be able to shoot to be a danger to the opposing team. And without this skill, they hold little value within the game. Teams that train their players to shoot more often, and to get their players into shooting positions are generally more successful. But this takes practice.

    Teaching Players the Shooting Position

    It takes practice and the ideal basketball training equipment to ensure players are in the optimal shooting position each time they receive the ball. Teaching players offensive skills and the importance of always considering the shooting position will ensure their attention is immediately drawn to the hoop in play. Looking at the hoop and rim while in play will mean players have a clear vision of how to get the ball to that area.

    The Value of Footwork in Offense

    While coaches often teach defensive players the importance of their footwork and the footwork of their opponent, they don’t focus closely on offensive footwork. A comprehensive basketball training program featuring the latest equipment will detail how offensive players can use their feet to retain balance as they shoot, and to direct the ball to the optimal position in the basket. It will teach players how to complete this process quickly, before the opposition has had time to adjust their own foot placement.

    By focusing on agility of movement, speed, and the position of the basket at all times, coaches can guide their offensive players to success during coming seasons. To discover more on the value of a comprehensive offensive coaching program, review the latest training DVD from Global Sports Innovation today. To learn more on the process, call Global Sports Innovation now at (707) 849-1212 or visit their business website at