Basketball Training Aids – Building Better Basketball Shots with the J-Strap

    What’s the most common mistake made by people learning to shoot a basketball?

    If you ask Global Sports Innovation founder Jeremy Russotti, he’d say it’s improper use of the off hand.  Far too many players -sometimes even up to the professional level- over-rely on their off hand, making what ends up being a to two-handed shots.  Unfortunately, of course, the only way to have truly precise aim is with a purely one-handed basketball shot.  The off hand should only be used for guidance, and not to add power to the shot.

    The reason for this is pretty simple.  Most basketball players get their start early in life, and many children simply lack the arm and upper body strength to reliably shoot the basketball up to a regulation hoop.  So, they use both hands for extra strength.  And this muscle memory learned in childhood, and reinforced through years of play, starts becoming incredibly difficult to overcome.

    This is the challenge Russotti faced in his professional training and coaching, and the solution he came up with was the J-Strap.  The J-Strap is one of the top basketball training aids on the market, and a must-have for ambitious players at any stage of play.

    The J-Strap: Unique Among Basketball Training Aids

    The principle behind the J-Strap is simple:  It’s a neoprene strap with a hole at one end which hooks around the player’s off-hand thumb, then winds its way up their arm before wrapping around their elbow and bicep.  

    In doing so, the J-Strap significantly restricts movement of the off hand, preventing it from assisting in the shot.  It locks that hand off to the side of the ball.  Yet, unlike any other similar products on the market, the J-Strap does not restrict other arm movements.  The J-Strap simply prevents the off-hand arm and elbow from fully flexing, forcing the player to rely solely on their dominant hand for making shots.

    In practice -demonstrated through Russotti’s years of highly-lauded training– the J-Strap can quickly revolutionize a player’s shooting, breaking bad habits which have been reinforced since childhood.  The J-Strap is alone among the basketball training aids on the market which can say this.

    Dominate Your Shots

    Don’t allow off-hand control to send your basketball shots wild.  Dominate your shots by using the J-Strap in practice, building strength and reliance on your dominant hand to make a perfect shot every time

    The J-Strap is available now from our online store.  For even more effective basketball shot training, pair it with our revolutionary J-Glove shooting aid for precise, locked-in aim with every shot. Contact GSI today!