Announcing the J-Series Shooting System Basketball Training DVD Set from Global Sports Innovation, LLC

    July 20, 2016 – Windsor, CA – There are plenty of basketball training DVD options on the market, too many to count. But none can boast of genuine success like professional trainer Jeremy Russotti, of Global Sports Innovation, whose DVD’s and techniques have taken players from high school all the way to the NBA.

    Russotti’s J-Series Shooting System DVDs demonstrate exactly that. Along with being filled with excellent exercises and tips on improving play, it follows the career of NBA player Josh Akognon all the way from high school to his time with the Sacramento Kings, Dallas Mavericks, and beyond. Russotti’s techniques truly can take a dedicated player and improve their game all the way to the professional level.

    The four titles in the J-Series Shooting System include:

    • Millennium Shooting DVD
    • Millennium Unstoppable Offensive Skill Set DVD (two-disc)
    • Millennium Ball-Handling DVD Vol 1
    • Millennium Ball-Handling DVD Vol 2 

    Russotti is not here to teach “circus tricks” and showy moves like so many other training DVDs. He focuses on practical real-world shooting, offense, and ball-handling techniques that can translate directly to on-court success. Spanning six years in total, this amazing basketball training DVD set goes far beyond the competition.

    When enhanced with Russotti’s own inventive training aids such as the J-Glove, J-Strap, and O-Band resistance trainer, the J-Series Shooting System DVD is the top choice for amateur and pro players around the world!

    About Global Sports Innovation, LLC (GSI)

    Few companies in modern sports technology have had such a rapid rise in popularity and success as Global Sports Innovation, LLC.  Building on the reputation of Jeremy Russotti as a trainer at the high school, college, and professional level, GSI seeks to consistently create revolutionary training aids which can assist players at all stages of growth, from childhood through the pros. In only a little over three years, GSI has become known worldwide for the quality of their products and the demonstrable success they bring.

    For more information or press inquiries, visit or call 707-849-1212.