Basketball Training & Equipment

CEO Jeremy Russotti is the founder of both Global Sports Innovation, LLC (Products) and Green Room Training, LLC (Basketball Training).

Global Sports Innovation, LLC (GSI) very quickly has become the top reputable innovation company in the sporting industry worldwide. With its innovative technology and ideologies about sports training, CEO Jeremy Russotti has helped a wide spectrum of athletes in a relatively short time frame.

Global Sports Innovation was formed in Windsor, CA in 2013. The GSI line started with the release of the J-Glove Shooting Aid in 2009. It all started with an idea Jeremy had to prevent his player’s wrist from turning to the side while shooting a basketball. Within a month, Jeremy’s Mom (Debra Russotti) made the first prototype at her home with an amateur sewing machine. A few more tweaks by his late father-in-law (Dennis Yanglin), the J-Glove was created and released to the public that same year. Within 3 months, the J-Glove was a huge success, selling worldwide in 14 countries. Currently, the J-Glove is the highest selling basketball shooting product in the world.

With the success of the J-Glove, Russotti set out to cure other discouraging areas of basketball skill development. From there he developed Velocity Bands (V-Bands), to increase hands speeds for his clients in relation to ball-handling and ball skills. His curved design allowed his product to cross over to other sports such as volleyball, basketball, MMA, soccer, tennis, etc. With his video footage and results from his clients, V-Bands are the “NEW EDGE” of sports enhancement development.

From these successes came the further development of Overload Bands (O-Bands), J-Strap (Basketball off-hand shooting), and the newly designed “T2G” for the perfect golf swing.

Green Room Training, LLC includes basketball training programs for the professional athlete to the up and coming youth player. Widely recognized as one of the top trainers in the world today, Jeremy leads various programs throughout Northern California, providing top basketball instruction. Currently, Jeremy has parlayed his training into forming one of the top Prep Schools in the Country, Prolific Prep. “PP” has the #1 player in the country, Josh Jackson, and is one of the top prep destinations for future basketball high school stars looking to move to the NCAA and eventually the NBA.